Neil Ferguson is in the news for breaking the lockdown rules to allow his lover to visit him. It’s not for me to comment on who he sleeps with – but the hypocrisy is jarring.

Many of my colleagues and I have been isolated from loved ones since this crisis began – so it’s a bitter pill to swallow that he has flouted the rules himself.

I haven’t seen my boyfriend since the crisis began. It’s been two months of agony made worse by work being so horrendous.

Having a loved one is a great comfort at the best of times – let alone the worst of times.

Clearly Ferguson doesn’t feel the rules he is responsible for apply to him. What does that say about him? If I think about it too much, it makes my blood boil. Colleagues are livid about it too. One consultant, normally mild in his manner, uses multiple expletives when talking about it. Millions around the country will be equally furious.