But Klobuchar’s record as a prosecutor, long loathed by the further left lanes of the party, has fully come under fire thanks to the horrendous death of George Floyd after an incident with Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Years ago, Chauvin escaped prosecution in an investigation begun when Klobuchar was the overseeing prosecutor, so Klobuchar is taking a hit even though she already was a senator by the time the case was dismissed. Given the quality of her competitors, Klobuchar could have survived generalized anxiety about her record before the Floyd killing. But now seen as inadvertently responsible for failing to stop one of the most heartbreaking deaths during a pandemic, she is done.

Perhaps a President Biden can appoint her to his Cabinet eight months from now, but no political strategist with a paycheck and a brain could possibly recommend that he tap her as his second-in-command eight weeks from now.

This leaves Biden with no good answers.