The sad truth is also — and this is a corollary in a way — that the white people, or some of them, are yet again making it all about themselves and their problems, and violently stamping that drama on the lives of black people. That goes for the groypers as for antifa: both are stamping their trotters and demanding their hereditary spot at the trough of middle-class life.

As this is still America, groups of young, entitled and angry whites are much more of a threat to the system. The history of European revolution, the white man’s history that antifa cherish and preserve in New World exile, shows that a state which cultivates an educated clerical class only to thwart its upward mobility is heading for trouble. We might add that a society without common grounds of heredity, experience and education is already in trouble of a kind that makes equality before the law impossible.

The white left knows its rights. First, the freedom to choose exemplary destruction for others. Second, the right to demand protection and favors from the white man’s government: student-loan cancellation and Universal Basic Income, for example. Third, the right to change the system so it works better for its hereditary proprietors. You may not be interested in antifa’s dialectic, but their dialectic is very interested in you.