In Nashville, Roseanne Cash’s daughter was called a “liberal pussy” for wearing a mask in a grocery store. Her heckler was, one assumes, unaware that this woman had nearly died from the H1N1 virus and so has a high mortality risk if she contracts COVID-19.

And it’s not just the randos.

For Trump’s enablers in Conservatism Inc., the mask wars have been an irresistible call to own the libs. The Federalist wrote about how George Washington wouldn’t have worn a mask (wut?) in one piece and in another talked about how it’s “time to choose your side” in the election year of the mask. Dan Crenshaw has chosen his, tweeting that Democrats are “scared” and showing “cowardice” because they want to implement proxy voting rather than have people fly from all around the country to vote. On Fox, Laura Ingraham’s effete sidekick Raymond Arroyo claimed that when Joe Biden wore a mask to a cemetery he was “projecting an image of trepidation.” Fox regular Brit Hume tweeted about the same event asking “what was the mask for, other than to virtue signal.”

And there it is again. Virtue signaling.

As Hume’s tweet indicates, the people who now own the conservative movement believe that an aspiring president modeling behavior recommended by the cucks at the Center for Disease Control in an attempt to show solidarity during a time of national crisis is something to be derided. That taking reasonable safety precautions amidst six-figure death counts makes you a fraidy cat.