Cuomo’s supporters claim that, if he ran for president, he would be able to satisfy both the party’s pragmatists and its left-wingers. On the one hand, Cuomo has signed into law the ultimate liberal wish-list — tough gun-control measures, a $15-an-hour minimum wage for New York City, abolishing bail, gay rights laws, sweeping climate change goals, and even a ban on declawing pet cats. But Cuomo also routinely ridicules ‘the professional left’ as not representative of his party. In an interview with the Atlantic he dismissed it as ‘a sham set of groups that are fronts for labor unions’.

While Cuomo could possibly unite Democrats, parts of his record would give pause to anti-Trump Republicans and independents. During a decade as governor, many of his close aides and associates have gone to prison — they could form their own football team — and he’s presided over epic rapes of the public purse. His views on abortion and sanctuary cities that shield undocumented aliens are extreme even for many Democrats. Not to mention his cringeworthy riposte to Trump’s MAGA slogan in 2018: ‘America was never that great’. That’s a line tailor-made for a Trump ad.

Should Biden continue to flail and increase doubts about his electability, it would be a Herculean task to deny him the nomination. But the Democratic party, with an assist from its media allies, has demonstrated its ruthlessness when it wants to dispose of someone.