In five U.S. cities where President Trump’s company operates large hotels — New York, Chicago, Miami, Washington and Honolulu — local authorities said that the Trump hotel was not involved in their efforts to provide low-cost or no-cost rooms to those fighting the virus.

“They did not volunteer, and we did not ask them,” said Frank Rollason, the head of emergency management for the fire department in Miami-Dade County, Fla. That county is home to Trump’s Doral resort…

The Trump Organization has no legal obligation to house medical personnel during the pandemic. If it did, it would be taking on an extra financial burden — filling its hotels with low-paying or nonpaying guests — at a time when it is already facing a huge drop-off in revenue. In all five cities, only a small fraction of local hotels are participating in these programs.

But — by staying out of these programs — Trump’s company could be missing a chance to lead by example, embodying the sort of sacrifice that Trump has praised in others.