Coronavirus deaths in Spain rose by 410 to 20,453 on Sunday, the smallest one-day increase since March 22, when 394 people died, according to Spain’s Health Ministry. In Germany, confirmed cases increased by the least in four days and the number of fatalities rose by the fewest in five days.

Still, emerging from the widespread lockdown isn’t following a uniform pattern. Germany is allowing smaller stores, car dealerships, bike shops and book stores to reopen on Monday, and schools will begin readmitting some students in early May in the first few steps to normalcy. In Spain by contrast, a lockdown that’s been in place since mid-March could be extended well into May, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said, and Italy won’t do any significant easing before May 4…

While the German initiative to re-open some retail space was welcomed, it only applies to outlets with 800 square meters (8,611 square feet) of space. That’s frozen out many larger shopping centers and department stores, which complain the approach is arbitrary and penalizes bigger businesses. The government says smaller retailers have less of a buffer to make it through a longer-term hiatus.

In Italy, some companies are also resuming activities tomorrow, including shipyards and a work space operated by luxury retailer Gucci near Florence.