“If there’s something that’s been done wrong at the state level, that he deserves to get hammered, he’s got to answer for it, right?” the younger Cuomo said then. “I wouldn’t put myself in that position because it would raise questions of conflict. If it’s about his political career, his political actions or things that he must answer for, that’s for somebody else to do.”

Evidently, seven thousand dead isn’t very important and the Cuo Bros think they should just keep yukking it up like the Smothers Brothers once did, with their “Mom liked you best” routine.

It was Andrew Cuomo, not Donald Trump, who decided when to mandate social distancing in the state that turned into the virus volcano of the Western hemisphere. Throughout early March, the governor (and Bill de Blasio) acted as if worry was our biggest foe. “Everybody is doing exactly what we need to do,” Cuomo said on March 2. “We have been ahead of this from Day 1.”