Cuomo blithely offered that assessment on Easter Monday, right after greeting everyone in the room by acknowledging the past Easter Sunday and Passover, and heralding the good news that New York had at last flattened the curve precisely that weekend: “Here’s the good news: the curve continues to flatten…. We appear to have a plateau.”

But with no thanks to God. Gee, Andrew, could a benevolent God not have had a role? Or, at the least, why directly begrudge God any credit? Why even say that? No reporter had even asked.

Dear Andrew, I ask: How do you know God had no role? You don’t know, I don’t know, only God knows. As a professing Catholic, you do place faith in God, one assumes. Why even assert this? Why go there?

Worse, do you know how many people in New York and around the nation and world have been in prayer, pleading God’s intervention to slow this disease? Do you know how many victims begged God for mercy and believed they were saved by an act of God? Are you aware of all the prayer chains, online Masses, novenas, litanies to saints, and literally only Lord knows what else, from pious Christians praying for people in your state?