►Second, we must keep our businesses in business to protect the paychecks of workers who desperately need them, and continue to provide unemployment checks to our workforce that has been displaced.

The CARES Act certainly will help, but time is not on our side, especially for small businesses. We may need a fourth emergency package, especially if the virus keeps doors closed longer than expected or if we need to address gaps in our earlier legislation. We may also need longer-term stimulus investment, such as a significant infrastructure package as we have called on for some time.

►Third, we must anticipate the challenges associated with turning the lights back on. We can’t let the pandemic crush one of America’s greatest assets: the collective training, skill-set, grit, know-how and connectivity that has enabled our workers and businesses to flourish. Even with the CARES Act, many of our businesses — small, medium and large — will face a serious liquidity shortage, and with America sequestered, a lack of demand for their products and services.