Here in the Great Lakes region, we have called upon experts in health care, business, labor and education to work on a data-driven approach to re-engaging our states in a responsible manner. Re-engaging our economies will be based on facts, science and mitigating risk to public health. Moving too soon or too fast could very likely lead to a second wave of Covid-19. This would be catastrophic for our families, our health care systems and our businesses.

During the flu pandemic of 1918, some cities lifted social-distancing measures too fast and too soon, and caused a second wave of cases. As a result, many cities were forced back to a quarantine posture for an even longer period of time.

We must be smart and take every precaution to avoid a second wave. We must work with other states, other regions and the federal government to get this right. We must remember that the enemy is not one another, it is the coronavirus, a threat unconstrained by state lines or party registration.