The plan, titled “Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery,” has three phases. The first features lifting the stay-at-home order while also allowing certain small businesses to open and perform curbside pickup; outdoor gym classes, religious gatherings of limited attendance, and some recreational activities; certain elective medical procedures; and car washes, though all elements are subject to change.

The first phase also includes measures that would prompt the stoppage of the plan. Those are an unexpected increase in hospitalizations, a lack of following of social distancing guidelines and significant outbreaks of community transmission of the virus, with a five-day period of increased cases in particular leading to caution.

The second phase of the plan involves raising the minimum number of people allowed to gather; opening of childcare centers, indoor gyms and religious activities; and the return of routine transit schedules. Restaurants and bars will also be able to reopen with restrictions.

The final phase allows for larger social gatherings, including at dining establishments, entertainment venues and religious services. There will also be lessened restrictions on visits to nursing homes and hospitals.