My view is that the president, like virtually everyone else in Washington, including Democrats, the media and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was slow off the mark and initially reluctant to see the virus as a major threat. But once Trump crossed that threshold, he became, as he put it, a “wartime president” and has performed very well at marshaling supplies, working cooperatively with private firms and states facing the biggest outbreaks and keeping the public informed.

Although his rhetoric can be absolutist, Trump has been flexible when it was needed and his deference to medical and health professionals is refreshingly out of character.

So I would give Trump an “A” — except for the theatrics of the daily briefings. They are far too long, some lasting two hours, and too much time is wasted arguing with the media…

“He’s been proven right about so many things,” my friend says. “Stopping illegal immigration is no longer debatable. His trade dispute with China makes even more sense because of how the Communist Party deceived the world. The need to cut regulations is more obvious and putting America First is no longer a question.”