The list on his site, presumably the “blueprint,” describes a “phased return” to a “new normal.” But when and how? When will that phased ­return begin if we have a month of the status quo with not even minimal adjustments or a more nuanced frame than essential/nonessential? It appears more like a blueprint to someday ­develop a blueprint.

It doesn’t help that the lockdown rules don’t quite apply equally to everyone. Cuomo’s brother, Chris, came down with COVID-19 and has been broadcasting his CNN show — featuring grossly obsequious coverage of the governor — from his house in Southampton.

Last week, Chris announced that his wife, Cristina, had also tested positive for the virus. Who knows how that happened? But it’s disconcerting enough that Chris has blatantly not been quarantining.

A few days before the announcement about his wife, Chris was seen in East Hampton, a 30-minute drive from his home, visiting a property of his that is under construction. He had a verbal altercation with a bicyclist who, correctly, asked what he was doing outside.