Woke idiocy has attended every step of the coronavirus outbreak. On Jan. 30, just as it was starting to emerge as a serious worldwide issue, CNN published a huffy piece on Trump’s health-crisis managers that began, “It’s a statement that’s as predictable as it is infuriating: President Donald Trump’s administration lacks diversity.” Oh no, a lot of epidemiologists are white guys. Cancel them. Last week CNN invited notorious Hugo Chavez fanboy Sean Penn in as an expert on crisis management.

Women’s-rights advocates are insisting that women are the real victims, people of color think the pandemic is targeting people of color and gay people think the virus proves Trump’s a homophobe. (ACT-UP NY posted on Instagram, “If I die of COVID-19, forget burial, drop my body on the steps of Mar-a-Lago.”) UN Women declared, “Gender equality matters in COVID-19 response” and asked “how are women uniquely impacted by crises like COVID-19” even though the vast majorities of fatalities have been men. A former Colorado congressional candidate named Saira Rao who has 41,000 Twitter followers wrote, after mentioning two friends who came down with COVID-19, that the explanation was simple: “White people decided that they loved white supremacy more than life itself. Hence, THIS.”