COVID-19 threatens all of us, but so far it seems especially fatal to the elderly, making the “let Americans die” approach a bizarre political strategy for Republicans.

“Translation (1): ‘Let the old folks die,’” tweeted Jim Ashford, a retired Legislative Counsel attorney in Fresno.

Mr. Ashford is correct. Dan Patrick, the Republican lieutenant governor of Texas, stunned the nation on Monday by declaring on live television that older Americans should be willing to die. “I’m all in,” he said, in an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox show.

Social distancing saves lives. We must trust doctors and scientists to guide our response – not billionaires, stockbrokers or anti-science politicians who value their fortunes more than our families. All of us, including California’s elected leaders, must forcefully condemn Wall Street’s murderous proposal before it’s too late. And no matter what Trump decides, California must continue to follow the science.