It is important both politically and morally to retain clarity about what has happened. Arguments that Washington and Beijing must work together to defeat the pandemic are foundering on the rocks of the Chinese government’s freely-chosen actions. CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping decided early on that concealing the truth about the outbreak, both at home and abroad, was a national priority. This put his country on a collision course with Washington and the world.

Xi’s government has consistently denied the hard evidence that Chinese officials knew about human-to-human transmission at least in December, failing to warn the globe and misleading the credulous World Health Organization. Nor has it admitted that the government destroyed virological samples from Wuhan. Meanwhile, even though the CCP has “solemnly apologized” to the family of Dr. Li Wenliang and exonerated him for his attempts to warn about the epidemic, it continues to threaten and suppress brave Chinese whistleblowers, who attempt to reveal the truth about what is happening in China.

Beijing wants to convince global public opinion that it has beaten the coronavirus and is in a position to help save the world. The CCP openly contrasts its claimed victory with conditions in the United States, claiming that the virus rages uncontrolled in America due to President Trump’s ineffective action.