Poll: Most U.S. adults expect long-term COVID-19 disruption

As COVID-19 ravages the U.S., more state and local officials are placing stringent restrictions on residents’ activities in an effort to curb the spread of the virus. Two-thirds of Americans say they are following news stories about the pandemic “very closely,” with the same percentage saying the situation has disrupted their lives — either a great deal (30%) or a fair amount (36%). Nearly as many expect it to take a few more months (51%) or longer (12%) for the level of disruption to travel, work, school and public events to improve, while 36% say it will only be a few more weeks.

Some Americans are feeling the disruption more acutely than others. These include younger adults, those considered high-risk for serious complications from COVID-19, college graduates, Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents, those following the news about coronavirus “very closely,” and those who live in cities or suburban areas.