The organization has praised the Chinese Communist Party for its “transparency.” It said that the CCP was showing “leadership” at a moment when the world was watching China arrest doctors and exile reporters. It dragged its feet, some complain, in declaring that China had a public health emergency on its hands, and, later in labeling this scourge a “pandemic.”

All of this, Marco Rubio told RealClearPolitics, is “deeply disturbing.” The Florida senator and China hawk passed along a statement, one that included hyperlinks to the long career of the WHO leader.

“In January, the WHO parroted the Chinese Communist Party’s lie that there was no evidence coronavirus could be spread from person to person, blocked Taiwan – which had been warning about person to person transmission – from an emergency health meeting, and failed to quickly declare the outbreak a public health emergency,” Rubio wrote.

“The actions of the Chinese Communist Party exacerbated the public health crisis plaguing the international community, and instead of prioritizing global health, Dr. Tedros and the WHO played favoritism to China,” he continued.