As Americans enter another week of self-isolation, President Donald Trump is enduring the same Covid-era hazards befalling the rest of the country. Visits from friends and outside advisers have been limited, making the always-isolating White House feel even more so.

With no meals to prepare, menus to taste, floral arrangements to procure, décor to design or invitations to calligraphy, the back-of-house life of the White House has essentially ground to a halt as well. The private residence, where the President and first lady live with their teenage son, is operating with a scaled-down staff…

Like everyone working from home, Trump has shown evidence of cabin fever: crashing meetings of his coronavirus task force, inserting himself into planned press conferences and tearing apart daily schedules so his appearances better align with television viewership patterns.

During daily policy sessions, aides said they sometimes don’t know whether Trump will walk through the door, leading to a general level of uncertainty on what to place on the agenda.