Cuomo has provided a “stark contrast” to Trump with his response to the coronavirus pandemic — something Biden hasn’t yet accomplished, Larocca said.

“The governor is displaying a real measure of passion about the subject, compassion for the victims, and humanity about the impacts,” he said. “The contrast with the president’s behavior could not be more pronounced.”

But experts on the Democratic nominating process say that a Cuomo nomination is little more than a daydream.

Biden was on track to win a majority of delegates, allowing him to easily win in the first round of voting at the Democratic national convention, when the coronavirus stopped the nominating process in its tracks. That left him and Bernie Sanders — who is still actively running for the job — with little to do but rail against the president and offer alternative plans via live-stream to combat the virus.

The deadline has passed for more candidates to join the race, so the only way Cuomo could become the nominee is if voting went into a second round, when delegates are free to choose. But there are still hundreds of delegates pledged to Sanders, and a few pledged to former candidates like Pete Buttigieg or Elizabeth Warren. They would all have to switch as well.