A significant percentage of Americans view the coronavirus situation as even worse than it is being presented. Just under half the public (48%) thinks the United States likely is concealing the scale of coronavirus-related deaths in the country.

That may help explain why most Americans support every action that governments have taken to try and stop the coronavirus’ spread. There is little opposition to the coronavirus relief bill passed by the House of Representatives (yet to be approved by the Senate as of press time). By more than four to one, Americans approve of that bill. Specific components of the bill (free testing, emergency paid sick leave, family and medical leave, and Medicaid expansion to help states cope) get at least 80 percent approval.

Essentially, Americans favor the multiple steps that have been taken by governments at all levels: 77 percent support the European travel ban, and most don’t believe state and local governments or other organizations have overreacted when they have done things like cancel St. Patrick’s Day events, close schools, require self-quarantine, close bars and restaurants, and cancel major sports events.