I care about the economy. I want America to prosper. I like capitalism and believe it to be a good economic system that has benefitted billions of people. But, if we are at war with an enemy trying to kill my aging and physically vulnerable mother and father, my aunt, my dear church members who are in their golden years, and so many people who loved and taught me all I know, then it seems to me that there is no price too high to pay to make sure that potentially millions of our vulnerable elder countrymen have the best possible chance to survive this thing.

As a Christian, Jesus tells me to love my neighbor, who in this case includes the business owner who is looking at his company going under, the waitress who just got laid off because her restaurant closed, the immigrant laborer who was fired last week as his factory cut back—and our parents and grandparents who cannot now leave the house for fear that they will catch this disease and die a gruesome death in a short period of time.

If we’re not willing to go to war with this virus and fight for all of them, then we’ve already lost.