There’s so much that doesn’t matter; so much I did just two months ago seems ludicrous now. (Brunch every Sunday? Really?) So many silly habits and desires and feuds and consumptions and relationships that aren’t just bandwidth-consuming; they’re bandwidth-stealing, snatching time and energy away from the people and things that matter.

And I’m reminded today of all those times I made that lonely and awkward walk to the bar when the Electric Slide came on, all because of a senseless and aggressively self-absorbed personal edict to be a drip.

I might have to run to the supermarket this weekend. We’re low on milk, and my son is in a sweet potato phase. We need more sweet potatoes. So many sweet potatoes. I’m sure it’ll be a ghost town today. The lines will be shorter, the aisles emptier, the few people there will be donned in masks and gloves and so I’ll be in and out.