“More than a month of people actually quarantined will break down civil society. Nobody is used to this, and when the money runs out for people they will get desperate — and there’s not enough money the government can dole out that’ll be enough,” said David Reaboi, the former vice president for strategic communications at the far-right Center for Security Policy think tank and a political commentator.

“People will start to panic, then [begin] killing and looting. And we’ll face a society-wide crisis that’s more than simply economic. Absorbing the death of a certain number of people is preferable to that, if those are the options. Amazing and horrible to even think like that, but here we are.”…

“For generation X and younger MAGA influencers, we’re pretty much all uniformly on board with social distancing [and] flattening the curve policies. [The] only discussion is about severity,” said Jack Posobiec, a correspondent with the Trump-friendly One America News Network.

Posobiec advocates a “kill this thing, whatever it takes” approach, but acknowledged that “the draconian nature of government edicts is definitely something that causes old school conservatives to viscerally recoil — especially as pertains to business.”