One reason underpinning Bolsonaro’s conviction: He’s been sitting at the center of a Covid-19 cluster for three weeks now and still feels just fine.

“After being stabbed, no little flu is going to take me down,” said Bolsonaro, who was knifed on the campaign trail 1 1/2 years ago. On Sunday, after his Brasilia outing, he told reporters: “The virus is here. We’re going to have to face it — but face it like a f–king man.”

“We’re all going to die one day,” he added.

While the coronavirus was slow to take hold in Latin America’s largest economy, cases are now ballooning and health experts warn the Brazilian president may have wasted precious time in preparing. Many medical professionals — and even the health minister himself — agree the public health system would be pushed to collapse if infections track the explosion in other parts of the world. Official cases in Brazil almost doubled in four days to 4,256 as of Sunday, with deaths tripling to 136.