What governors need from Washington right now

Prepare federal unemployment insurance for an unprecedented surge: Sadly, some 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment in the week ending March 21 — an unprecedented surge. Since states depend upon the Labor Department’s Unemployment Insurance Interstate Connection Network (ICON) to validate individuals’ unemployment claims, we must make sure that ICON has the resources to meet this overwhelming number of new requests. We cannot afford any delay in getting help to everyone who needs it.

Keep “mission critical” federal workers healthy: While millions of Americans have begun working from home, “mission critical” federal employees and contractors are still reporting to work every day. More than 400,000 federal workers are based in the national capital region of Washington, Maryland and Virginia, including workers at the National Institutes of Health and FEMA. We can’t risk them getting sick when the nation is depending on their work and expertise to fight the pandemic. President Trump can help by establishing a federal testing site in the national capital region — an important step to identify sick federal workers and prevent them from infecting their colleagues.