“I think there’s a desire for closure to the primaries and getting on with the business of beating Donald Trump,” said Addisu Demissie, who served as campaign manager on Sen. Cory Booker’s (D-N.J.) presidential campaign…

“In theory, the Biden campaign could spend the next seven months with a singular focus instead of keeping one eye on a primary opponent whose chances of victory are virtually zero,” Demissie said.

Biden finds himself in a delicate situation as he tries to pivot to the general election. As he transitions, he doesn’t want to alienate Sanders supporters for fear they won’t show up in November.

“I think the concern is that as long as the primaries are active, Biden must be seen and must actually not be dismissive of Sanders, lest the Sanders die hards turn against him in the fall,” Demissie added. “So it’s forcing the Biden team to walk a tightrope across a canyon when the bridge is right there.”