How China is rewriting coronavirus history to make itself the hero

To do this, the Chinese government has employed a unique mixture of tactics including disinformation, soft power, conspiracy theories, and even a book that tells the heroic story of China’s victory over coronavirus — all of which are designed to reframe the narrative around the virus and Beijing’s role in allowing it to get out of control in the first place.

“In the last few weeks, the CCP has stepped up its propaganda efforts to shape the narrative with respect to COVID-19, both within China and internationally,” Adam Ni, director of the Australia-based research organization the China Policy Centre, told VICE News.

“In essence, the party wants to make the best out of a terrible situation and spin the story in favor of the party by deflecting blame, sowing doubts on its culpability, whipping up nationalism, and highlighting the superiority of the Chinese party-state,”

Here’s China’s playbook…