In fact, Planned Parenthood has done quite well so far under Trump’s tenure. Its annual report released this month showed record highs in 2019 for government funding and abortions.

When you try to explain to Trumpvangelicals that the president hasn’t delivered for them, their typical response is to lament that these reforms couldn’t pass in the Senate. But that’s a curious diminishment of Trump’s agency.

One of Trump’s main selling points was the idea that he’s a successful dealmaker. He entered the presidency with Republican majorities in both the House and Senate. So if he couldn’t deliver for Trumpvangelicals on their issues, then either he wasn’t a very good dealmaker, or he wasn’t actually willing to fight for them on substantive policy grounds that they care about.

Think about it this way: Donald Trump cares about corporate tax cuts so much that he made his “tax reform” package his first—and only—legislative achievement when he had unified control of the government.