Meghan McCain responded from her perch hosting The View on ABC by calling the president’s life “pathetic” and small compared with her dad’s. “I don’t expect decency from the Trump family,” she said during the March 21, 2019, episode.

When the notoriously media-obsessed president caught wind of Meghan’s comments, he picked up the phone at the White House and began calling longtime friends to see if they’d join in on his cathartic minutes of hate against the McCain daughter and other enemies real and perceived.

“She’s been getting fatter?” Trump asked, before launching into a harangue about how she is somehow “dumber” than her father. One confidant to whom the president vented his grievances about the McCain family described a diatribe that lasted at least a minute and a half during which the president spoke without interruption. This person at one point put the phone on mute, hit the speakerphone button, and allowed others present to hear President Trump bash Meghan McCain’s cheeks and, to the president’s eye (ever attuned to the basest aspects of entertainment and cable news), her waistline.

During the conversations, he aggressively fixated on what an awful TV host she was, both on The View and during her time as a Fox News contributor. He wondered why anyone would want to hire her. He rambled on and on about how nobody would care about who she was or what she had to say, if not for the genetic proximity to Sen. McCain.