Let’s be clear here: Millions of voters who think that Trump is a disgrace and a disaster and who voted for Democrats in the midterms are going to balk at Bernieism, especially after a $1 billion oppo campaign and a belated media vetting process dismantles him in full public view over the course of the fall.

Our last, best hope is for this cup to pass from us because, let’s be honest, Bernie/Trump is a nightmare scenario for centrists, conservatives, and any contingent of voters who yearn for a non-crazy presidency. And besides: Neither Bernie nor his bots wants us—as they tell us with numbing regularity on Twitter.

So this would seem to be a good time to make it perfectly clear that there are going to be voters who won’t give the Democrats a blank check this year. Their insanity does not confer upon us the obligation to also lose our minds. Maybe I’m just speaking for myself here, but I’m not interested in exchanging one toxic tribe for another.