There is this weird backward-looking group of used-to-be conservatives who actually think we are going to return to the days of constant apology. That is not going to happen. Romney cast his grave vote — and yes, I mean it both ways — on the day Trump hit 49 percent approval in the Gallup poll. His highest ever. But obviously Romney knows better than the American people.

House Democrats made an explicit pitch to Republicans like Romney. Promising them a storied place in history if they dared defy their president and party. I don’t have a crystal ball, but it’s not what it looks like to me. Romney just made himself the most popular politician in the tiniest constituency in America. He took it over.

I’ll say this for Romneyism. There will be very lovely cocktail parties. Get your tuxedo pressed. You can have a 12-year-old Scotch with one of those big ice balls in it and bemoan with your buddy that the Democrats are running the country badly. But hey, you’re a millionaire so who cares.