Trump loves to claim a 90-plus approval rating among Republicans—this isn’t quite right—yet, 10 percent of Republicans think he should be removed from office. If 10 percent of Republicans are unhappy enough to rip him out of the Oval Office today, how many more would be content to send him packing in November? Additionally, two recent Fox News polls showed a slim majority of voters want Trump removed from office and the five leading Democratic presidential candidates are all beating Trump in general election matchups.

You don’t get to numbers like that without bleeding Republican—or at least formerly Republican—votes.

That’s the real NeverTrump caucus in action. Even if they don’t know it.

We’ve seen other signs. How did Cruz’s midterm race turn out? The skateboarding boy wonder of a candidate Beto O’Rourke came within 2.6 points of beating the rock-ribbed conservative Tea Party rockstar—making it the closest Senate race in Texas since 1978. Rowing the boat worked, but consider the fact Cruz beat his Democratic candidate in 2012 by more than 16 points.

Trump-hugging Florida Republican Ron DeSantis only beat Democrat Andrew Gillum by four-tenths of a point to become Governor of the Sunshine State.