Yet the House speaker, who made a point of telling TV anchors Tuesday that she hasn’t spoken to Trump since October, when impeachment began, demonstrated repeatedly that she hasn’t learned anything from her failures and the president’s success. Her impeachment jihad was rejected by voters as well as by House and Senate Republicans, with the moderate Sen. Susan Collins of Maine faulting the effort for, among other things, Pelosi’s decisions to rush the effort through the House, then sit on the articles for 33 days before sending them to the Senate.

None of it made any sense, especially in light of the GOP firewall in the Senate. Still, Pelosi once again charged into the cannon fire after the speech, her only weapon her personal hatred of the commander-in-chief.

It’s not proving to be much of a fight. The president is on a winning streak, and he had every right to brag about his record in his third State of the Union address. The country has noticed, as he is reaching his highest approval ratings in the polls since he took office.