Ivan Yakovina, a political commentator in Kyiv, says Ukraine’s political class has become disillusioned with the United States.

“Previously it was Ukraine that was unpredictable. Now, we have no idea what’s going to happen in the United States next week,” Yakovina says. “A lot of people are disappointed. America used to be a beacon of freedom, liberty and anti-corruption efforts. Now a lot of Ukrainians feel like, ‘yeah, we are by ourselves.'”…

Gumenyuk, whose TV channel depends on funding from foreign governments, says Ukraine’s reliance on U.S. assistance makes it awkward to criticize the Trump administration for its transactional approach to foreign policy.

“America is not an adversary — but maybe no longer a friend,” Gumenyuk says. “You’d want to have the U.S. be a more trustworthy partner.”