It is the Democratic candidates’ devotion to abortion that makes them the wrong choice for anyone who cares about the unborn, no matter how strongly they oppose Trump. Voting against Trump by consciously voting for an abortion-supporting Democrat is an affront to the precious nature of life as bestowed by our creator. It is one thing to criticize the president for his wrong words and actions, even if you’re on the right side of the aisle. It is another thing entirely to award your vote to someone who would work to harm life in the womb. It is indefensible, no matter how disgusted one is with our current president.

The leader of the country is tasked with protecting its citizens from harm. Naturally, this should include the vulnerable inhabitants of the womb. As made evident by not only Trump’s recent appearance at the March for Life, but his first term, the president is serious about this role. Just as apparent is the fact that each and every 2020 Democratic candidate for president would shirk this duty.

Conservatives who value the pro-life cause may not feel comfortable enough with all that Trump’s presidency entails to end up voting for him. But actively supporting a Democrat who stands on a platform that prizes abortion is simply inexcusable. If a politician fights to protect life, they are worth additional consideration. If not, no personality quirk or policy strength can make up for that dismissal.