But many of the Democrats’ ideas that these new advisers are against are in fact popular with the electorate. Among the American public, 83% support background checks for gun owners, 65% want to protect preexisting conditions as Republicans chip away at the Affordable Care Act, 68% of Americans (including 42% of Republicans) also support a public healthcare option, and an overwhelming majority of the nation, including in swing states, supports improving the country’s infrastructure.

So perhaps the GOP — and those Republican pundits who are freely offering suggestion to Democrats — needs to fix their own party first before they try and dictate to Democrats. Here are a few suggestions.

First, try and pass some of those popular ideas instead of focusing on unpopular legislation that benefits a small, vocal minority of the GOP. Republicans controlled the executive branch and Congress for two years and did nothing to address rising drug prices, infrastructure, or gun violence. On the other hand, they did pass an unpopular tax cut that has failed to deliver economic growth. And now it’s even easier to get background checks and infrastructure done with the Democratic House, but still nothing.

Second, stop using racism and xenophobia as a strategy.