Party spokeswoman Molly Forgey told The Nevada Independent Thursday night that Nevada Democrats are not just abandoning the two apps developed by political technology company Shadow Inc., which was responsible for the caucus reporting app blamed for the Iowa fiasco, but any apps for Nevada’s Feb. 22 caucus. The party’s guiding principle in reaching that decision, she said, was ensuring that its path forward is “secure, efficient and simple.”

She did not elaborate on exactly what that path forward for the party looks like from here, with 16 days remaining until Nevada’s first in the West nominating contest and only nine days until early voting is set to begin.

Earlier this week, Nevada Democrats quickly mothballed their new plans for the caucus process after the Iowa Democratic Party was unable to release any results from its first in the nation caucus Monday night due to what it described as a “coding error” in its caucus reporting app. According to Iowa Democrats, the error did not harm the underlying data submitted by precinct chairs but caused it to be incorrectly reported to the party.