Walsh tweeted on Saturday that Jeff Kaufmann, the Republican chairman in Iowa, “is a Trump tool. Like so many of these GOP state party chairs, he kisses Donald Trump’s ring on a daily basis. And like his master, Jeff Kaufmann will lie all the time.”

The previous night at Urban Dreams, wearing blue jacket, blue shirt and blue jeans, Walsh admitted it has been a steep learning curve.

“I knew when I did this it was a long shot,” he told the Guardian. “I said at the beginning, I thought it was really, really important that a Republican do this. I’ve been discouraged because I did not see all the mean un-American things the party would do.

“My party is a cult. I’m a conservative Republican; Fox News won’t have me on. Conservative media will ignore me because they’re a cult with Trump. The Republican parties in each state: they are a cult for Trump. I didn’t sufficiently get all of that and that’s made this really hard.”