Bloomberg has poured an astounding $200 million into his own presidential campaign. It spent about $188 million in the fourth quarter of last year. A significant chunk of those expenditures came before Bloomberg was officially a candidate. But between his announcement and the end of the year, it dropped more than $125 million.

That’s nearly $3.3 million per day, or more than $137,000 per hour, or more than $2,285 per minute, or just about $38.09 per second…

Even those huge expenditures only tell part of the story. According to that FEC filing, the campaign had more than $33 million in outstanding debts at the end of last year in spite of the fortune that Bloomberg himself has dumped into the effort.

The campaign owed $15.8 million to its top creditor, search engine giant Google, for digital advertising, according to its list of outstanding liabilities.