It was unclear why caucus leaders were having such severe problems with the technology, or why they hadn’t adequately familiarized themselves with the software.

“What am I doing wrong?” asked Nelson, the chairwoman in Pottawattamie County, unable to get answers from the email address provided by the party and so turning to social media.

Across the state in Linn County, caucus chairs were snapping pictures of results in their precincts and attempting to text the images to the Iowa Democratic Party, after getting stuck on the app and failing to get through when they called party headquarters in Des Moines, according to Bret Niles, the county’s Democratic chairman.

“People are getting hung up at different phases of the app,” Niles said. “They tried that and either they can’t get through or they get through and it takes a while. Or they’re calling to report the results and it’s just a large number of people trying to get through.”