Let me answer with my voting philosophy—one I believe advances a Christian biblical witness and the long-term peace and prosperity of our national home. In each race, I impose a two-part test on candidates. First, they must possess a personal character that is worthy of the office they seek. Second, they must broadly share my political values. If a candidate fails either prong of that test, he or she doesn’t receive my vote…

Put simply, the Christian salt of this American earth must preserve not just its laws but also the core moral strength of its culture.

We see now the immense strain placed on our system by relentless dishonesty. We see the division and discord sown by vengeance and rage. Our culture still reels from the decadence of pornography and sexual infidelity. Yet the church does not treat those maladies when it uses its truly immense political power to place a dishonest, vengeful adulterer at the heights of American political and cultural influence.

One does not cure cultural moral cancer with more cancer. We preserve nothing. Instead, we hasten the decay.