Quality checks? To us, this sounds like they might be afraid of or confused by the fact that the initial preference numbers do not at all line up with the count of delegate equivalents. Having been there on the ground last night, our writers have a few thoughts as to how that happened. Caucuses, it turns out, are a lot more fun than they are democratic.

This isn’t the first time that there have been problems. In 2012, on the Republican side, and in 2016, on the Democratic side, there were bitter debates over who should actually be considered the winner.

We have to say that we are in agreement with Julian Castro, who declared what happened in Iowa a “total mess.” As he explained, “People can see with their own eyes tonight the fact that we still don’t have any results. Their process is broken. This is not the way that we should start our process to nominate the most important public service, servant in our country and in the world.”