So despite the best efforts of those who are rightly concerned about moral bankruptcy, over-sexualization will never go away. The Overton Window has shifted leagues to the left, making sexual impropriety itself the standard. For conservatives, this isn’t a reason to stop fighting cultural battles with vigor, but it should remind us that wins for wholesomeness are the exception, not the rule. For Christians, in parenting as in personal affairs, we were never meant to feel at home here.

If J.Lo weren’t dangling from a pole, the cameraman would still be shoving his lens right up into some Dallas cheerleader’s cleavage. Cosmopolitan magazines would still be littering waiting rooms. Lizzo would still be naked on her album cover. Miley Cyrus would still be gyrating mostly nude. And “Dancing with the Stars” commercials would still interrupt otherwise child-friendly programming.

It would be really great if parents could cart their kids off to a fun Super Bowl party without relinquishing remote sovereignty and compromising their kids’ innocence. Prudence requires acute attentiveness. But the hyper-sexualized Shakira and J. Lo halftime show wasn’t uniquely corrupt. It was right on brand with the rest of cultural depravity.