Any Christian who has denounced Trump has every right to be outraged by the halftime show. But if you still support the president, you should probably just keep your mouth shut about sexual exploitation in musical performances. The president you support has as bad a history of exploiting women–and underage girls–as anyone I can think of. He has been accused of sexual assault and rape by dozens of women. He has had numerous affairs. He has bragged about how his wealth and celebrity allow him to have his way with any woman. To all of that, you have turned a blind eye. And then when two middle aged minority women dare to show a little bit of skin shake their booties a bit, you are suddenly outraged. Have you any idea what a bad look this is for you.

Franklin Graham, you say you’re worried about the message the halftime show sent to young girls that sexual exploitation is ok, yet you give a free pass to the monstrous sexual predator in the White House. You and your ilk are a pit of vipers. You don’t seek righteousness, you seek power and money. Your tweet is a joke and so is your outrage.