Now Kristol is hosting an event for “principled conservatives.” As far as I can tell, his vision of principled conservatism is electing Democrats who support abortion up to and maybe even after birth. No, thanks. If that’s principled conservatism, then throw a MAGA hat on my head, knock some of my teeth out, and buy me a pickup truck and a loyal dog. If Bernie Sanders brings socialism to the White House? Well, at least it’s not Trump.

No. This is not conservatism. This idea that we are going to hand the entire government over to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Squad and then Bill will ride in on the back of Mitt Romney’s horse to reclaim the mantle of right-wing leadership is a fevered acid dream even Timothy Leary would not be capable of. He’s convinced we win by losing. It’s boring and trite Alice in Wonderland logic, and he still has no idea that we are now through the looking glass.

Bill Kristol is no longer a conservative. He’s not the right-wing Miami Dolphins tanking to get a good draft pick. He is a liberal Democrat who publishes liberal Democrats because he can’t accept that Donald Trump has racked up more conservative victories than he ever thought were possible. He’s not a traitor. In retrospect, his entire philosophy was an easier landing for conservative defeat, the only outcome he thought possible.