This is not the only area in which Congress has granted too much power to the executive branch. Much of the out of control spending that Congress will complain about (the party doing the complaining being entirely dependent on what issue is being funded at the time) is spending that they actually have the power to curtail. Congress has the power of the purse, but for multiple administrations has refused to wield that power.

So, when you see that Congress is very loudly and very passionately decrying executive overreach, it is a virtual guarantee that Congress itself gave the executive branch the power to overreach in the first place. If the President is bordering on the authoritarian in your eyes, then look to Congress, who gave him that power in the first place (maybe not directly, but they sure gave it to one of his predecessors).

It was designed to be a balanced system. That system has been out of balance for far longer than Trump has been President. It was out of balance even before Barack Obama or George W. Bush. None of that means we shouldn’t try to fix it.