Eventually, I found myself chatting with a group of pro-life counter-protesters. There were about 15 of them, and they had been outside protesting since 9 a.m. One of them shouted repeatedly over a megaphone, “Abortion degrades women! Women deserve better!”

I stood with them for about 20 minutes, watching the sort of abuse they encountered. One woman flipped them off. Others shouted, “My body, my choice!” in their faces. One young man with a pink hat came up to me and said, “My body, my choice.” I carefully explained to him that he was not in fact a woman and that another slogan might be appropriate. At one point, the pro-life group was nearly surrounded by marchers carrying large banners and blowing whistles. It was a lame attempt to silence them, and after the marchers realized the futility of the exercise, they moved on.

Gathering from the signs and chants, the march was much more about Trump than about women. One woman was dressed as a prisoner, ostensibly pretending to be Trump, and carried a sign with some gibberish about Mar-a-Lago. Another person had wrapped their dog in a sign that stated, no “pussy grabbing.” Many signs said Trump simply had to go. This wasn’t a march for women — this was a march against Trump, marketed toward women.