What have you learned about winning elections in a politically-split community that other Republicans can apply to their own campaigns? It’s simple: Don’t be a misogynist, don’t be a homophobe, don’t be a whatever-phobe and show up. You probably have seen the story I’ve told about being in Eagle Pass. The first time, I showed up to a party of 700 people, and they were like, “Why are you here?” My response was, “Because I like to drink beer and eat barbecue, too.” The second time you show up, they’ll shake your hand. The third time you show up, they’ll tell you a problem. I’ve seen my voting numbers in my community increase, and that’s an overwhelmingly Latino, overwhelmingly Democratic district. So winning elections is not some complicated thing. Show up. Listen. Solve problems. Most people probably think, Doesn’t every politician do that? The answer is no.